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Application and website generator

Build a website for the company's customers, an app for the users with the help of a built-in, simple and instant plugin within your Priority system

So why use generators ?

Turn any priority screen into an app or web page

Ideal for use by company field workers, customers and suppliers

Full support for back-office monitors and private developments

No interfaces and no development - immediate deployment for users with minutes.

Just select a form, columns to display and get started.

A Native application for any device.

Android, iPhone or PC without any adjustments.

Immediately create a website for the your customers.

Service calls, reports, orders and more - all instantly and transparently.

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Building a website has never been easier

Build a portal and website for the company's customers within minutes

Opening and viewing service calls  

Quick integration within the existing company website

Full control of the content, including a full system of permissions

Login to the customer's contacts 


Mobile app

A complete mobile application with a modern and up-to-date interface.


The system is a Native system that allows the use of all the device's capabilities, including GPS, customer stamping, camera, navigation software, text dictation and much more.

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and what else ??

In fact, there is no limit ...

Create a web site for the company's managers, access reports on mobile phones, back-office control screens that show the progress of tasks, service calls and more.


Create customized landing pages,

Purchase new customers with registration forms

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