Computer Keyboard



So why use generators ?

Turn any priority screen into an app or web page

Ideal for use by company field workers, customers and suppliers

Full support for back-office monitors and private developments

No interfaces and no development - immediate deployment for users with minutes.

Just select a form, columns to display and get started.

A Native application for any device.

Android, iPhone or PC without any adjustments.

Immediately create a website for the your customers.

Service calls, reports, orders and more - all instantly and transparently.


Building websites has never been easier

Build a website for your customers in minutes

Opening and viewing service calls

Quick integration within the existing company website

Full control of the content, including a full system of permissions

Login to the customer's contacts


Mobile app

A complete mobile application with a modern and up-to-date interface.


The system is a Native system that allows the use of all the device's capabilities, including GPS, customer stamping, camera, navigation software, text dictation and much more.

and what else ??

In fact, there is no limit ...

Create a web site for the company's managers, access reports on mobile phones, back-office control screens that show the progress of tasks, service calls and more.


Create customized landing pages,

Purchase new customers with registration forms