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Notebooks and Pens

Document management system

Complete Documents management system for Priority software.


Outlook Smile


  • Attach emails to any document, contact, customer, supplier or SKU

  • Full documentation of the entire email, including attachments immediately in the system

  • A built-in search engine for all the data in Priority

  • The system is automatically suitable for all versions of Outlook, Priority, ZOOM systems

  • On premise or in the cloud


Connect files from your computer

  • Connect each file from your PC or network folder directly to the various priority entities.

  • Scanning an external document into the system and linking it to a Priority record

  • Direct activation of scanning from various system certificates


sign and attach documents from your mobile

  • Signing any priority document includes the option to select the document format

  • Includes the option for location signature

  • Full attachment, including photos, scans and more.

  • The system is suitable for any mobile with an Android operating system



Scan documents

  • Continuous scanning of all priority certificates

  • Automatic identification of the certificate according to the barcode

  • Mechanism of display and linking unidentified certificates and scans


Sign documents

  • Activation of a signature pad or signature on a touch screen directly from the priority certificates

  • Customer stamping and automatic saving of the appendix


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