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Semi-Truck on Overpass

Proof of Delivery

אפליקציה לנהגים בפריוריטי

Soft Solutions' POD App (Proof of Delivery) together with Priority Software ensures you are always one step ahead of everyone.


The Priority Off-Road Drivers app introduces you to an advanced system for managing your distribution activities.

The App includes controlled and complete management of the distribution process (loading and unloading),

including the use of map or Waze navigation aids.


Arrival at the customer allows electronic stamping of the delivery notes and immediate documentation in the system.

The App allows the continuous and accurate work even for cases of non-delivery of goods, management of tasks to the driver such as collecting funds and making planned or initiated returns of goods.



The system includes -

  • Management of the loading process for the truck

  • Management of the unloading process at the customer

  • Track optimization and planning

  • Support for navigation and map view of delivery destinations

  • Full package management

  • Customer signing including location

  • Managing cases of non-delivery, including damage photographs

  • Managing returns to truck inventory

  • Driver Task Management


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