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Sales agents

אפליקציה לסוכני מכירות

Sales agents are the front edge to  your customers.

Soft Solutions' sales agent App together with Priority Software ensures you are always one step ahead of Everyone.

The Priority Agents app introduces you to an advanced sales agent management system.

Managing customer orders, product catalogs, agent tasks, meeting goals and remote control has never been easier.

The system enables continuous and accurate work for both

Van-sale processes, for on-site collection, including payments as well as advanced capabilities for managing field teams.








אפליקציה לסוכני מכירות

Complete product catalog


View the complete product catalog , directly from your Priority system.

The information includes full support for the pricing capabilities existing in Priority, including bonuses, minimum prices and promotions.

The system clearly presents to the agent the sales history, supports the management of "push products", the presentation of available inventories and even the prospect of future purchases in the purchase.




Customers management


The App allows your agent full control over the management of his clients.

This day-to-day management includes an agent visit plan combined with a map, destination navigation and even accurate management of non-sale or non-arrival at destinations.

The system supports and encourages the agent to meet his sales targets, both at the monthly level and at the customer level, while displaying the graph of progress and calculating the required sales amounts.

The agent has a number of key reports for managing his clients, including a view of the quotation history, orders, invoices, the client's card and, of course, the status of the debt and the means for analyzing it.


יעדי מכירה לסוכן השטח

A few more

The system includes -


  • Quotation management, orders, delivery notes, returns of goods and invoices to the customer.

  • Management of collection processes, including clearing

  • Built-in option to integrate private reports from Priority

  • Task Agent Management

  • Full support for business laws and processes defined in priority, in real time and without delays.

  • Integration with Priority Software for compatibility in version transition and support for future developments



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