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אפליקציה לטכנאי שירות בפריוריטי

Soft Solutions' Service App together with Priority Software ensures you are always one step ahead of everyone.


The application presents you with an advanced system for managing your service technicians.


The system includes the management of service calls, the technician's inventory, fault management and resolution, all in a controlled and transparent manner to your back-office.

The App allows a continuous and accurate work for Teams of technicians and includes other advanced options, including customer questionnaire management, checklists, purchasing requirements and more.






Service call management


The system allows the service technician full management of the call, whether opened by the call center or even directly by the user's device.

The App accurately enforces the BPM process, just as defined by the service manager.

The entire data is available to technicians in the field, as well as a complete history of calls to the customer or even to the specific serial number.

The system is an official module and an integral part of the Priority system, which ensures smooth implementation, within a few hours and built-in support for both past data accumulated in the system and future versions of the Priority.

מסופון לטכנאי שירות בפריוריטי

The system includes -

  • Option to open a service call from the device

  • Full management of the BPM process, according to the full status set in Priority

  • Inventory management for technicians, including support for managing serial devices

  • Report spare parts for and instant inventory update

  • Working hour reports

  • Fault reporting, damage photography, customer questionnaire management

  • Customer signature on each call, including technician location

  • Inventory transfers between technicians, receipts of goods directly to the technician's vehicle

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