Warehouse Management System

managing the company's warehouses

  • Pick and delivery

    • Creating tasks for picking & delivery according to customer, order or items

    • Creating task waves for packing products ordered in preparation for shipment

    • Creating Collection Tasks for Orders, by Distribution Routes

    • Limiting collection tasks to maximum volume

  • Replanishment

    • Replanishment produce recommendations for transferring inventory from slow locators to fast locators (from which the picking takes place) in a particular warehouse

    • Tasks based on sales orders, determined by inventory level strategies, sales cycle strategies, storage space and more

  • Receipt of goods and storage

    • Goods received at the warehouse are inspected against a certificate of receipt of goods from a supplier

    • Automatic report for comparing the planned quantities to those actually received

    • Commodity return certificates are automatically opened for goods receipt certificates that include returned parts

    • Pallet storage tasks are manufactured by item, family, storage area, sales turnover or different part numbers in the same area in the warehouse

  • consistency

    • Two units of measure (tasks can be specified by exact weight or by number of crates)

    • Full tracking of items with serial numbers, receiving goods, through storage, inventory movements, picking up and delivery

    • Accurate tracking of packages: Ability to locate parts that belong to a particular dish or are manufactured / composed of certain dishes. Package characteristics are maintained even if the packet is split, consolidated or transferred within the business


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